Robotic Process Automation, often referred to as RPA, is software robots (or “process bots”) that handle repetitive, routine and data-intensive digital tasks automatically, flawlessly and tirelessly. These bots can automate business processes that require no human decision-making or intervention in an unattended fashion. Or they can work in tandem with people, like a virtual assistant, used in diverse and dynamic ways to augment employee capabilities in real time, known as “attended automation”.

Combining attended and unattended robotic process automation delivers the superior experiences that today’s digital-first customers and engaged employees expect.

The Attended Automation leaders

With 20 years of experience in the service operations space, and some of the largest automation projects in the market, NICE is named an RPA and Attended Automation market leader by top analyst firms.

Augment human potential at scale

Pair every agent with NEVA, your employees’ personal attended bot for real-time, in-context next-best-action guidance and process automation. NEVA allows you to optimize your business operations and enables your employees to deliver elevated customer service.

The 5 Must-Haves of Attended Automation

Take the next step in your automation journey with NEVA Attended Automation. RPA has already enabled organizations to increase productivity, reduce errors and drive efficiencies. Add NEVA to the equation and you will unlock a far more extensive set of benefits from automation by understanding the full capabilities that attended automation offers your enterprise.

NEVA Discover provides meaningful process insights

Uncover opportunities to optimize processes, drive revenue growth and empower employees to meet their KPI’s. Using an artificial intelligence (AI) powered task mining and process analytics solution, you can achieve business gains based on real business insights.

Embark on your automation journey

Whether you are an RPA expert or just getting started on your RPA journey our guide has everything you need to know for a successful automation journey.

Learn more about NICE RPA case studies

“Telia Finland OYJ has not only experienced dramatic improvements to call handling times and contact center productivity - we have also seen significant improvements in customer satisfaction since deploying the NICE RPA solution.”

Topias Huovinen, Senior Manager Telia Finland OYJ

“The results were impressive and evident from customer, colleague, and financial perspectives.”

John Mackey, Delivery Manager Swinton Group

“NEVA saves clinicians considerable time and effort, reducing unnecessary appointments and improving the patient experience.”

Klaudia Bielecki Senior Project Manager NHS Lothia

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