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NICE has been setting industry-wide standards in the Robotic Process Automation domain for over 20 years. NEVA is NICE’s innovative AI-powered automation platform. It combines the best of attended automation with the power of RPA and AI-based process discovery grounded in real data and insights. NEVA brings people and robots together, enabling intelligent process optimization while unleashing employees’ potential to ensure exceptional customer experiences.

We develop and manage our automation suite from a single platform, hold the largest scale automation projects in the market, and are known for driving digital transformation across the enterprise.

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Robo-Ethical Framework

We are proud to be the first RPA player to formalize a code of ethics for building and deploying attended and unattended process robots. As the Attended Automation leader and the most experienced automation vendor in the market, we aim to lead the way in holding ourselves and the RPA industry accountable for the responsible and transparent design and deployment of robotic workers.