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NEVA combines the best of attended automation with the efficiencies of unattended RPA, including all the required components of a successful AI discovery and delivery for your business, employees and customers.

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benefits with NICE & NEVA.

Partner with us to gain access to the most innovative RPA solution suite and get in front of the world’s largest enterprises. Our unique offering provides enormous scope for our partners and customers to grow their businesses and automation toolbox.

We’re the global leader in attended automation, AI-based process discovery and RPA. We bring over 30 years of experience in contact center and back-office operations, crafting solutions that address the complexities of desktop processes. We continuously innovate and find ways to leverage RPA and AI for sustainable business value and success.

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Watch Peter Lock, Healthcare Automation lead at Deloitte, discuss the breadth of automation and AI capabilities that Deloitte and NICE jointly bring to National Healthcare processes.

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Watch Jason Martindale (VP Global Sales at Symphony) discuss the value of uniquely combining attended and unattended automation technology to intelligently grow and scale process automations.

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Whether you are our partner or a customer we think of you as NICE friends. And as friends we want to empower you to tap into one of the largest global networks for intelligent automation education and enablement. You can become a certified automation professional or get support to experience a seamless and successful automation journey, while earning points from our Customer Loyalty or Partner Collaboration Program. Lay the foundation for massive automation wins with NEVA and NICE RPA.

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When you partner with us, we will equip you with the skills needed to prosper in the dynamic age of automation.

Become part of the NICE RPA community to grow your professional skills and optimize solutions based on your customers’ specific needs.

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Achieving the full potential of intelligent and sustainable automation is a collaborative effort.

We will match you with the perfect partner to achieve the true transformational value on your automation journey.

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