Continuously grow your automation ROI
Make every
automation count

Select the right processes to automate, based on AI-driven data collection, analysis and recommendation to drive sustainable ROI.

Automate processes
in a click

Recommended process sequences are seamlessly converted into active automation flows with a click of a button.

Create a steady stream of efficiency opportunities

NEVA Discover, is installed as part of the NEVA desktop bot license, continuously maps and prioritizes processes, providing an endless source of automation opportunities.

A key success factor in your automation journey.

Gain full confidence and understanding for which processes will contribute most to your automation success, when automated.

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Intelligent, fact-based automation pipeline discovery

Achieve Robotic Process Automation (RPA) success by selecting the right business processes to automate with process bots. This critical step ensures project success and sustainable ROI . However, with so many processes across different organizational divisions, it is challenging and very time consuming to pinpoint the most appropriate processes based on manual analysis and subjective human judgement.

NEVA Discover, a task mining solution, is included with NEVA, NICE’s attended automation solution. It helps the enterprise COEs to identify automation candidates based on unsupervised machine learning algorithms and an accurate scientific approach.

Introducing your ROI booster

Intelligent identification of process automation opportunities to maximize ROI.

process and task mining can increase ROI
"NEVA Discover is a powerful tool, providing amazing discovery and analysis, which greatly improves how we uncover automation opportunities.”
Large EMEA Telco
NEVA Discover Solution Demo
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The path for intelligent automation discovery
Analyzes and collects large amounts of employee desktop data, comprising of user actions and data entries such as keystrokes, mouse selections, applications used, pages visited, field entries, handle time, and more. The data is securely handled with the option to anonymize specific applications and data types for security purposes.
Unsupervised & semi-supervised machine learning
Uses unsupervised machine learning to interpret and translate the screen actions into meaningful sequences which can then be grouped and labeled for easy optical character recognition and identification. It then uses semi-supervised machine learning for inputting the business analyst’s insights back into the prioritization learning process.
Categorization and prioritization
Identifies process sequences and variations that are performed by employees, based on several user interaction data, such as: no. of users, frequency, process handle time and manual action types. The opportunities are scored and prioritized according to their ROI potential for automation and presented in a dashboard report.
Click to automate & document
Automatically generates working automation flows in both the design tool and the design documentation, all with a click of a button, dramatically reducing the hand off time from the business analyst to the developer and creating a documentation repository
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RPA guide

The science behind automation discovery

Learn the science behind NEVA Discover and how it should be executed to maximize automation process deployment.


NEVA Discover: Optimize Your Processes Based on Actionable Insights

Get visibility into how your employees are executing tasks and processes on their desktops, enabling you to uncover inefficiencies.