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Improving Citizen Experience Using AI-Powered Automation


Discover how to upgrade your organisation’s document-heavy processes with intelligent automation solutions.

Ten years of austerity has had a significant impact on the public sector. However, the latest breed of intelligent automation solutions mean greater efficiencies can now be found where they couldn’t before, allowing you to protect and improve essential services.

By process and task mining, public sector organisations can look to digital transformation tools like intelligent automation to free up frontline staff, optimise service delivery, and achieve cost savings to deliver an improved citizen experience.

In this joint NICE-Hyperscience session, our experts will dissect and discuss the data from a recent survey by E&Y on Driving Strategic Value with Automation, sharing best practices and tips on how to streamline your most resource-intensive manual processes with ease.

Ready to work faster, smarter and not harder?


1. Learn how public institutions accelerate the slowest, most dated document and data-heavy processes with process automation platforms.
2. Hear best practices from public sector experts on how to automate complex document processes, from input to actionable data.
3. Discover how to streamline the classification and extraction of diverse documents, enriching your data to deliver efficiencies that drive better outcomes.


NAY ODUTOLA, GM EMEA, Hyperscience
GARETH HOLE, Director, Robotics & AI, NICE
DAVID WORSELL, Managing Director, Ineo Digital