Using RPA and Desktop Analytics to Enhance both the Employee and the Customer Experience (Execs in the Know)


The employee experience has a profound influence on the customer experience, and when customer service agents feel disengaged, your customers feel the effects. But by giving agents personalized, contextual assistance during customer interactions using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and by using analytics to understand where they struggle, your employee experience and customer experience will dramatically improve. Oded Karev, general manager of advanced process automation at NICE, and Chad McDaniel, president of Execs in the Know, discuss how the largest and most successful enterprises in the world are already benefitting from advanced automation solutions.  

Dive into these trending topics in RPA:

- Empowering agents with real-time guidance to enhance efficiency and reduce effort
- Getting invaluable insights from your service agent’s desktops, wherever they are, to improve service quality
- Creating hyper-personalized interactions and satisfying engagement experiences for both customers and agents